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The Arts Center offers Nearly 50 art exhibitions, art lectures and hand-made workshops are planned for each semester. In addition to inviting domestic Minghuayuan Drama Group, Paper Windmill Troupe and other troupes to perform at the school, "Cloud Gate Dance II" resident school plan, The Ministry of Culture's "South Taiwan New Art Settlement - Joint Exhibition and Workshop", "Life Qihang - Art Explorer Liu Qiwei Special Exhibition", "National Student Art Competition Winning Works Tour Exhibition", etc., all activities are invited to the community residents He was very enthusiastic. In addition to exhibitions, it also cooperates with workshops, lectures and other activities. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic experience of people's artistic appreciation, it can also promote the artists and art forms of South Taiwan. In recent years, the Center has been actively promoting international exchanges, and invited famous designers at home and abroad to hold large-scale international exhibitions and international film festivals, such as: 2016 [Red x Design Brand Outstanding Influence Design Exhibition], [Fantasy Asia AMAZING 1983ASIA Visual Design Exhibition 】, [Taiwan International Women's Film Festival], [Taiwan International Queer Film Festival], 2017 [people see flowers, flowers to see people - Li Fojun Design Exhibition], etc., all won praise from all walks of life, and after the first exhibition at the High Tech University In addition, the Art and Culture Center is dedicated to the exhibition and cooperation with external organizations in the school, such as: Eslite Bookstore, Kaohsiung Barge II, In89 Cinema and other units, through the overall atmosphere of the bookstore and cinema, Enhance the exquisiteness and visibility of the event, increase the sense of cooperation and trust, and enhance the visibility of the school's art center.

Looking forward to the future, the Center will not only actively strengthen the professional functions of the visual arts, music and theater performance fields of each campus, but also echo the artistic life of the teachers and students of the campus and the needs of the local community residents. The district's humanistic environment is characterized by a multi-functional art space to meet the needs of teachers and students for the future campus humanities environment. Objective and purpose: to enhance the artistic and humanistic qualities, enhance the aesthetic appreciation ability, strengthen the artistic campus atmosphere, and fulfill the artistic social responsibility.